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I’m a data journalist on the investigations team at the South Florida Sun Sentinel.


I’m passionate about bridging the gap between data and how readers understand the world around them. Prior to this, I pursued alternative angles to health and chemicals of concern for NBC News Data/Graphics on a yearlong internship.


Previously, I studied biostatistics at the University of Virginia. After falling in love with data visualization and the process that turns a spreadsheet into a story, I earned my master’s in Media Innovation + Data Communication from Northeastern University.


Check out my GitHub here, and clips and projects below:


Storm Sentinel: Live tropical storm and hurricane tracker

South Florida Sun Sentinel

"The new normal": South Florida’s July heat wave in three charts

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Water PFAS clean-up costs could trickle down

NBC News

A potentially cancer-causing chemical is sprayed on much of America’s farmland. Here is where it is used the most.

NBC News
Ibrahim Rayintakath for NBC News

Psychedelic therapies are on the horizon, but who will administer the drugs?

NBC News
A map of changing state laws on psilocybin

Colorado just legalized "magic mushrooms," an idea that's growing nationwide

NBC News

Who in the U.S. gets paid sick leave, in four charts

NBC News

Tracking abortion laws and restrictions by state

NBC News
NBC homepage of data graphics abortion clinic finder map

Where is abortion legal? See how far you'd have to travel for care.

NBC News
VoteChat by The Emancipator screencap

VoteChat: a voting rights chatbot

The Emancipator
A Multinational Computational.png

Research with the Co-Lab for Data Impact

Journalism Practice
How FiveThirtyEight's Julia Wolfe addresses data literacy.png

Behind the Scenes with Storybench

NBC News Graphics
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